Do not leave Puerto Montt without knowing Angelmo's delights

With its long coastline, Chile is characterized as a country that lives from the sea and its wealth, which are recognized worldwide and admired by those who visit us. Puerto Montt is no exception and one of the icons that reflect the love for the sea is Angelmó, a tourist site that brings together gastronomy and marine products, thanks to the work of people who undoubtedly live from the sea.

Angelmó is a bay located northwest of Puerto Montt, in front of Tenglo Island, where handicrafts, sale of local products, maritime tours and typical palafitos-shaped restaurants are concentrated, where the most representative dishes of the area are cooked and based on ingredients from other locations and the countryside.

Here you can find souvenirs, traditional liquors such as mistela or gold liquor, as well as dishes such as the exquisite curanto, empanadas, seafood cakes, hake in all its versions up to crab, crab or oyster, for the most demanding.

It is in this place where artisanal fishermen gather to market their fresh products, which are bought by the local food to make the most delicious homemade preparations, with the southern touch that makes these dishes incomparable and very fancy by local people .

In addition, from this place you can sail to islands such as Tenglo, where you can get a privileged view of Puerto Montt coastal edge, as long as you walk to the cross that crowns the end of the route.

If you are in Puerto Montt do not miss the opportunity to get to know one of the most typical places in the area, where sea food is unique and the attention will make you feel at home.

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