Enjoy Puerto Montt coast

Ubicado en el mismo centro de Puerto Montt -además de un descanso reparador y exquisitas preparaciones en nuestro restaurant Doña Elena- en Hotel Don Luis te presentamos una interesante opción para conocer la ciudad además de adentrarte en su área costera, incluyendo la parte inicial de la Carretera Austral, uno de los destinos más visitados de la zona.

Si ya conociste Angelmó, la estatua de los enamorados o ya visitaste la costanera, existen distintas opciones para recorrer la costa de Puerto Montt, considerando su plaza como punto estratégico y de inicio de este recorrido, la que se encuentra a pasos de nuestro hotel.

For those who wish to know some of the beaches near the city, the Chinquihue sector is ideal, as it has beautiful spaces and gastronomic offer, in addition to having the emblematic Bicentennial stadium, one of the few sports venues overlooking the sea. In addition, much of the maritime activity is concentrated in this area, so you can see boats such as yachts, catamarans and artisanal fishing boats, since an important fishing cove is located here.

If on the other hand, what you want is to enter the Carretera Austral, from the square and towards the northwest area you can start the trip in Pelluco, an important resort in the area that begins the well-known route, which gives rise to beautiful beaches such as Coihuín, Quillaipe or Metri, also fishing sectors that will take you to the last land point: Caleta la Arena. Here you can cross to places like Hornopirén or Caleta Gonzalo, in addition to eating some delicious empanadas in one of the places that are in the cove.

The most important of these routes is that you can do them by car on expedited and easy-to-use routes or by public transport, since in front of the square you can take the microbus that will take you to the different options, either towards Chinquihue or towards the Carretera Austral .

Live this and much more resting at Hotel Don Luis, because thanks to its spectacular location you will be steps away from all the attractions that Puerto Montt offers in the summer.

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